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How this Local Business went from 0 to Getting Targeted New Leads in 30 days
Los Angeles Web Design and Seo project MobileChiroCare

Desktop Website | Mobile Website | SEO | Copywriting

Desktop Website | Mobile Website
SEO | Copywriting

Background & Overview

We strategized a new Website build, Onsite SEO, and Copywriting to optimize for Google rankings for MobileChiroCare so their service is easy to find thru organic searches. 

MobileChiroCare is a mobile Chiropractic service by Dr. Dena Amato, D.C. in the LA/OC area of California. The service is focused on convenient care & a premium experience, and required a website that would convey the same premium quality and care. 

They also required a fully responsive Mobile site with Instant Online Appointment booking capability to make processing appointments easier. This would result in the existing booking process and revenue system being a lot more efficient for both the chiropractor and the patients.

By having a website that’s well designed for their patients, the website would act as an investment that continues to provide them with returns and revenue over years to come. 


As soon as the website went live, we started to track analytics to keep an eye on the impact the new digital presence would bring to the business. 

Here are the results we got:


When we started, the MobilleChiroCare website was not found for any keywords including their own brand name on the first 20 pages of Google.

Organic traffic started coming in as soon as Google indexed the site properly, in about a 4-week time frame. 

In less than 3 months after the launch of the brand new SEO-optimized website project going live, MobileChiroCare now holds the #1 position on Page 1 for a highly targeted keyword specific to the service. 

MobileChiroCare also holds strong in other county areas on Page 1 for similar keywords, which is important for a mobile business that services multiple counties and areas. 

MobileChiroCare now is also in the Google “Local 3-Pack”, which is important for receiving calls from customers on their mobile devices. 

The increased targeting is crucial for finding the appropriate type of customer, such as a patient looking for premium care and a higher quality of service experience in exchange for higher cost.

SEO Results for Mobile Chiropractor Orange County Dec 2017


We are finding that 40%+ of website visits are coming from organic search thru Google. 

The website shows roughly 40-70 visits PER MONTH coming from Google organic search alone. And based on estimations, Google Adwords would have cost possibly anywhere from $5-7+ PER CLICK for the keywords that we ranked for.

Organic Search Google Analytics Results for MobileChiroCare

By being ranked organically, MobileChiroCare does not need to pay to run ads to get to the front page as they are ranked organically. 

This results in receiving an equivalent of a few hundred $ worth of Adwords traffic, free-of-charge EVERY MONTH

The ROI provided by the website is already positive every month and continues to improve as rankings continue to rise naturally.


Also, we found that more than 50% of traffic is from mobile devices, such as cell phones. Having an updated and professional looking website that is mobile responsive with an Instant Online Booking Functionality allows for customers to easily find and book on their phones in seconds. 

Mobile Devices Google Analytics for MobileChiroCare


The website was built with a strong focus on TRUST and SOCIAL PROOF

We leveraged Dr. Dena Amato’s appearance on national TV on The Hallmark Channel to convey authority and expertise. (See below for examples) 

Social proof items such as the familiar icons of the The Hallmark Channel logo, and a strong Instagram feed showing the inner workings of the doctor’s work was used for strengthening validation for the practice. 

Strategic design and content is key for finding the right type of customer who will appreciate your service. These are the customers that will love your work, and provide you with referrals. 


The increased traffic due to the TV episode on Home & Family TV was handled properly with a website fully optimized for speed. The premium branding matched the style and message with the rest of the business. 

The business required integrating a 3rd party software for their process, which we had no control over. 

Despite the software decreasing performance metrics, we still managed to bring site speeds to less than 3 seconds and designed for optimal user experience. 

Pingdom Website Load Time for MobileChiroCare


Lastly, the process of onboarding a client was made easier thru the integration of the MindBody patient management account. The goal was to create a streamlined process that runs like clockwork so they can focus on doing what they do best: providing the best care for their patients. 

The appointment booking system on the website cut down on wasted time, and created a straightforward funnel that both new & existing patients can follow to allow the business to run smoothly. 

Design for Business Solutions

Custom Copywriting
Researched and Fully Personalized Copywriting to be easily digested, persuasive, and to convey a story. Content asset optimized for SEO and Google rankings.

Copywriting for Website Content

Instant Booking Online Functionality
Allows for client appointments booking online for multiple locations

Booking Appointment App feature on New Website Integration

Instaagram Feed
Automatic live feed to Instagram account for social proof and news

Instagram Feed Integrated with New Website

Media & Press Embedding for Social Proof
Social proof and press on website to showcase TV media appearance on The Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family TV show where Dr. Dena Amato discusses Chiropractic care and advice.
Social media and official TV network appearance are a strong tool for building trust & expertise that users rely on before contacting a Chiropractor or Health Specialist.

The Process

1. Research

The process starts with an initial consult that delves deep into business problems and potential solutions that can yield results. The main approach was to ensure that the website would provide ongoing value to MobileChiroCare as a business. 

We found most chiropractic practices have a templated website with no real personal presence or brand identity, are full of stock photography and generic articles for minimal SEO purposes. They were hard to navigate, looked generally unprofessional and did not evoke the same sense of care and quality that MobileChiroCare was trying to communicate.

Competitive Research Web Design for New Website Project

The user experience was relatively poor and not clearly designed to attract the right clients. In a sea of chiropractor listings in local searches and directories, the research and planning phase was absolutely crucial to making sure the actual development of the websites were going to give MobileChiroCare a competitive advantage among other local chiropractic offices. 

The strategy process involved lots of exploration and examination on not only what competitor websites are like, but the state of the current site, how the business is structured, what the goals of the website were, and how the design can benefit the business.

2. Full Visual Mockup

After the initial strategy & research phase, a wireframe & mockup of the website was done. The wireframe phase is when we map out the overall layout of website, including the pages and navigations. 

This phase functioned as a way to visually see how the site would be structured so we can have the proper design for the best user experience. 

We started to create a full mockup of the website and its mobile version, with real images, logos, colors and typography, etc. 

At this point, the site was not functional or live, but the visual representation brought the website to life and allowed us to fix any problems that were present. It also allowed us to properly finalize the design of the mobile version of the website.

Sketch Web Design Mockup of MobileChiroCare

3. Content, SEO optimization, & Launch stage

After the mockup was finished, the website was approved and the coding and development phase began. 

Some of the most important steps are done in this stage. 

Content creation, SEO optimization such as technical SEO and keywords, and best site speed is a crucial step in this stage.

Setting up website hosting, backing up any existing websites in case of emergencies, changing of domain names and server details, and getting the new website live onto a staging server is done at this stage as well. 

Once the site was live, all the links and functionalities were tested and fully working. 

MobileChiroCare Mobile Website Homepage


The Instant Online Booking functionality was installed and tested, as well as the contact form, social media, and MobileChiroCare’s Instagram live feed. 

Any final additions and changes are done as the last step. 

Once the work is finished, we make backups of the old site and change everything over seamlessly so your business has very little downtime if at all. 

Conclusion of Web Design & SEO Case Study

This concludes the New Website Build and SEO optimized strategy we did for MobileChiroCare. 

The rankings continue to climb on Google rankings for local chiropractic services, despite having not too much off-site SEO or backlinking. 

The reason MobileChiroCare is able to rank higher on Google than other chiropractors in the area is due to good technical SEO, unique content, and well-designed site architecture that serves a good customer experience. 

Responsive Design

Desktop Website for MobileChiroCare's new website
Mobile Version of Web Design for MobileChiroCare Booking
Tablet Version of MobileChiroCare's Website

Website Brand Guide




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Color Palette

Color Palette #2 for MobileChiroCare's website
Color Palette #1 for MobileChiroCare's website
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